The rise of hybrid marketing in higher education

Tuesday, May 16, 20233:00 PM - 4:00 PM Africa/Abidjan

Meet our speakers

Alex Nirenberg

Director of Data and Analysis, Solution Strategy and Enablement, Kaltura

Jaime Hunt

CMO, Old Dominion University


While virtual and hybrid representation has become a staple of higher education - from enrollment and admissions to courses, academic research, professional development, campus events and student life, and much more – there has also been a significant rise in its use by the marketers of those same institutions, who are recognizing the fact that their digital audiences are far larger and potentially more valuable than those who solely attend in-person events. At the same time, these same marketers are also finding themselves facing new challenges in efficiency, juggling multiple platforms, and measuring their success. 


We surveyed 450 higher education professionals to understand how they are (and aren’t) meeting the demands of today’s hybrid marketing standards. Join Jaime Hunt, award-winning strategic communications executive and CMO at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and Kaltura’s Alex Nirenberg, Director of Data & Analysis, Solution Strategy, and Enablement for a discussion about our survey findings, including the challenges faced by HE marketers and the solutions made possible by hybrid marketing technology. 


Some of the report topics we will cover:  

  • The latent opportunities in hybrid marketing 
  • The collaborative environment of hybrid events 
  • The need for updated methods of organization and assessment 
  • The value of the hybrid audience 
  • and much more 

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